Consorzio Tutela e Promozione dei Vini Reggiani D.O.P.

From the mountains to the plain (the border between the two runs along the via Emilia), from the grand Countess Matilde di Canossa to the naïf painter Gualtieri Antonio Ligabue, the history and culture of this land have always revolved around the country and its fruits: foods, wisdom and values. Today, the agricultural province of Reggio Emilia is in revolutionary ferment that is spreading from the barrels of wine to stir up the farmers, restaurant keepers, local administrators and the entire population and set everyone thinking. This ferment is called Lambrusco.

An old Reggio saying attributes the cause of social ills to poor quality wine. “Ropy wine changes people’s morals. Only good wine makes characters open and happy” they would say. It seems that this belief is deeply rooted in the minds of the wine producers of these parts and that, at least unconsciously, it is the basis for their work. One gets the impression that the people here are judged by how they eat and drink and that the progress of civilisation is measured by its ability to improve the quality of food and wine.

All the history and culture and their records, the towers, castles, churches, palazzi, towns and villas, the theatres, the poems of Ariosto and Boiardo, the Italian tricolour and the Cisalpine Republic, Correggio, naïf painting and the large open-air festivals seem to reflect this deep search for culinary wellbeing. If you are lucky enough to enjoy Reggio hospitality, you become immediately aware of this. Their mission is to feel good and make others feel good. It is a generous and impulsive gesture that seems to sparkle also in their wine. Reggiano first, Lambrusco second.